An ice cold art!


We work with logistics-saving solutions. Cost savings and environmental benefits in one!

Logistically disturbed

We take care of the logistics and you can do what you are good at

Just in time

We understand the importance of a agreed delivery time.

Track & Trace

The fleet in view.greencom


Personal contact and short lines.

Business Security

Own workshop and maintenance minimize standstill due to technical defect.


The right conditions for your product in the most difficult conditions.


We are highly acclaimed.


For you, we even throw our schedule at the last moment!

24 / 7

We stand ready for our customers.


Komt u onze wagens tegen.


The most modern vehicles and refrigerators charge the environment as little as possible.


An appointment with us stands as a house.


Multiple trailers needed for your project? No problem for us.


Transport is the core task of our company. We understand what logistics is, and deliver your products in the right place, at the right time, in the right quantities, and under the right circumstances.

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Storage and handling

BVT has a pragmatic and flexible setting. That is why we are always waiting for you and we will serve you wherever possible.

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If desired, we can scale up fast and flexible capacity or outsource your logistics issue through selected partners.

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Bram van Tuyl – International refrigeration and freezer transport B.V.

Refrigerated transport for your product is a breeze for BvT! For it is precisely when your product needs just that little bit of extra attention, that we are your transportation partner.

BvT is a committed and collaborative partner with years of experience in the logistics industry. We aim for a maximum service provision and thereby seek to optimize your logistical requirements. This is because we want to unburden you as the customer, so you can focus on what you do best!

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